How journeys work

In Adversus Journeys, you can set up automation flows to allow you to manage your leads more efficiently using triggers and filters.  

Read the Introduction to Journeys here

You define what to do with leads - for example, whether they should be called, contacted by email or text message, whether they should be left alone for a period of time, or added to a specific campaign.

1. To access Journeys, go to "leads" and select "Journeys" from the menu on the left.

2 Once you have done so, select "My Journeys" on the left side:

3. Now you can create a new Journey under "Create Journeys".

4. you are now in the running of your journey. First, select which campaign your journey is based on (in the example below it is called the "Cars and trucks" and "Max call"), then you press "+" to add a step.

5. Now you need to put a filter and a trigger. First, select the Blue distribution icon (here you can name your step) and then "add steps":

6. Now select a filter. First, define which leads you want to trigger. To do this, select the yellow filter icon:

These may be leads with a certain status. In this example, we select those with the status "Not interested": 

You may also filter specific data in a given field, for example, "Price" in the "Reason for no interest" field:

7. After setting up the filter, select which action to take based on filtering. To do this, select "Add steps" and then select the red action icon:

8. Now choose which action to take with your leads. Your "Uninterested leads" may need to be added to a 1-month call campaign. If so, it looks like this:

There are countless options on how to set up your journeys, as you choose which status you want to use as a trigger and which filters you want to segment from. 

11. Once setting up the filters and triggers is complete, activate them by clicking the "Enable" button in the upper right corner. 

The set triggers only affect leads going forward and will not affect any previous leads. Use the "Save Draft" button if you want to save your journey without activating it immediately.  

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