How can I integrate to Zapier

You have the option to embed Adversus with other systems. Often, however, this may be a slightly larger operation, but here Zapier can be helpful, which makes it easier to integrate two systems in between.

To integrate to Zapier, you will need the following link:

You must then log in, here you need an API user, which can be created as follows: (Guide to create API user here)

To create a new API user to access your data, you can do so as follows: 

1. Go to "Settings" followed by "Users" in the left-hand menu.

2. Select "Create API Access +" on the gray button in the upper right corner:

3. Give the user a username and then choose which rights the user should have. There are three options:

Administrator: Administrators have read and write privileges for all routes.

Reading rights: The user can access all routes but can only read data.

Custom: Here you can specify routes yourself as well as which campaigns and subject pools the user can process data from.

4. Select "Create user" and the password will be displayed:

How you need to use our API documentation, it can be found here: API

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