How to transfer to an external number

If you would like to purchase a call forwarding, contact Adversus. When call forwarding is set up, it works as follows:

1. In the dialer, the following box will appear next to the call buttons:

2. If you want to forward the call, click on the below button and the following will come forward enter Number: Here you enter the number you want to forward to.

Select forwarding Type: Here you can choose whether you want to talk to the recipient of the call before it is forwarded (advised) or whether you want to transfer directly.

3. For advice on forwarding, enter the number you want to forward to and select "Start forwarding".
Now you call the number you want to forward to. The lead you talked to will get hold music.
When you are ready to send the item to the forwarded number, select "Complete call forwarding."

In the case of direct forwarding, the call will be routed directly as soon as you select "Start forwarding".

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