How to create result data fields

Result data fields are used to add data to the lead, for example, which product they want to buy, when an appointment must take place or whether there are answered questions in a questionnaire.

Result data fields can be added so they are always on the right side of the dialer, but you can also define when different fields should appear, which will be demonstrated through various examples.
You can add/deselect result data fields in the campaign settings.

Example 1: Which product the lead wants to talk about based on success:

 This example, the "What would the customer like to talk about?" field will come forward when the status "Success" is selected. It will be a dropdown with the options "product A", "Product B" and "Product C". The field is required, which means that the phoner will not be able to move forward from the lead without filling in the result data field. This is done so that the phoner does not forget to fill in which product the customer would like to talk about.

When you add the options, press ENTER after each option to turn gray as in the example above. 

Example 2: Discussed price to come forward by product A:
If we continue the example from before with three different products A, B and C:

 This example creates a field that appears when you select "Product A". If the Phoner has selected product A, then the "Price product A" field will come out. Here the Phoner will be able to write a price and the field is required, so it must be filled in before you can go ahead.

When you want to use "show by own defined event", it must be in the drop-down.

Example 3: Why the lead wasn't interested:

In this field, the "reason for no interest" field will come up when the agent gives the lead the status "not interested". The field will be a normal text where the agent can manually write the reason why the lead is not interested. The field is not required, so it is possible for the agent to move on without adding a reason.
If you want statistics or to reuse data on the grounds of leads not being interested, then we recommend using drop-down menus, as the data thus becomes uniform. 

Example 4: Calendar for appointment setting: (Guide to make your dailer ready for appointment setting here)

Here a field is added with a calendar, so it is possible to book directly into the calendar with meeting consultants. The field will come out by always. 

To be able to do this, a meeting consultant must be set up with calendar integrated. How to do this you can see here.

Example 5: Additional optional comment field:

The Integrated Notes field in Adversus cannot be linked to an email template, calendar booking or as a result data field to the lead. It is used exclusively for the contact log.
Therefore, it can be useful to create a large text field primarily serving for notes. This Notes field comes with the status "success", but is not required.

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